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Supporting Documents - November 5, 2020 Board Meeting

Supporting documents are being provided to the Board of Directors for the following agenda items:

Consent Agenda:

  4.1   Minutes for the October 1, 2020 Meeting

  4.2   Minutes for the October 29, 2020 Meeting

Environmental Justice

  7.1   Diversity and Inclusion

Programs and Projects

  8.1   Post-Fire Technical Assistance 

  8.2   Integrating Agriculture into Climate Mitigation Project

  8.3   Carbon Farming Program

   8:4   Anadromous Fish Migration


  9.1.1  Bidding Policy    Resolution Adopting Bidding Policy

  9.1.2  Director Duties and Responsibilities  Resolution Adopting Director Duties and Responsibilities Policy

  9.1.3  Financial Policy   Resolution Adopting Financial Policy

  9.1.4  Lactation Accommodation Policy   Resolution Adopting Lactation Accommodation Policy

  9.1.5  Volunteer Policy   Resolution Adopting Volunteer Policy

  9.2     Website Update