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Public Records Request

Members of the public have the right under the state Public Records Act and the California Constitution to access public information maintained by local and state government agencies.


  • You can make records requests orally or in writing. We've provided a form below if that is more convenient for you.
  • You can ask for records having a certain kind of content; your request does not have to identify a specific record.
  • Your request must be sufficiently clear to enable us to locate the request. If not, we will work with you to try to make the request clearer.
  • We may need to charge you for the cost of preparing paper records or completing complex inquiries, but those charges will be subject to the limits imposed by the State of California.   If you would like an estimate of costs before we produce the records, please let us know when you make your request..

If you need additional assistance to complete your request for public records or would rather make your request via phone or email, please call or email us (our physical offices are currently closed due to COVID-19). For additional information regarding the public records request process, please review our Public Records Request Policy.

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