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Supporting Documents for June 1, 2023 Board Meeting

Supporting documents for meetings are uploaded as they become available, with all documents scheduled to be posted online 24 hours in advance of the meeting. Please note that there may be occasions when documents are received after that timeframe, particularly those submitted by members of the public. In those cases, the documents will typically be posted as they are received. 


Regular Agenda Items

2.    District’s Honor Roll of Resource Influencers Topic:  Nesting native birds

7.1  National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD)

8.1  CDFW Cannabis Restoration Grant Program  

8.2  California State Coastal Conservancy Grant Program 

8.3  Lexington Hills Storm Damage   

9.1  District Name Change


Consent Agenda Items

5.1  Draft minutes for April 6, 2023 Board meeting.

5.2  Financial reports for April 2023

5.3  Letter of Support for SB 675 (Límon)

Information Only:

5.4  Letter of Support to Board of Supervisors - Green Foothills

5.5  FY23-24 Property Tax Distribution Schedule

5.6  Ogier Pond-Coyote Creek Separation Project - Notice of Public Meeting on May 31, 2023