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Supporting Documents for December 1, 2022 Board Meeting

Supporting documents for meetings are uploaded as they become available, with all documents scheduled to be posted online 24 hours in advance of the meeting. Please note that there may be occasions when documents are received after that timeframe, particularly those submitted by members of the public. In those cases, the documents will typically be posted as they are received. Agenda items scheduled for oral reports only will typically not be listed here.


6.2 Los Gatos Creek Watershed Restoration Proposal

6.3 Wildfire Risk Mitigation:

7.2  Associate Director Appointment

7.3 Employee Benefit Plans

7.4  Executive Director Compensation

Consent Agenda:

4.1  Draft Board Minutes for November 3, 2022

4.2  Financial reports for October

4.3  Emergency Resolution

4.4  FY 2022-23 Annual Work Plan

4.5  Lanman, Richard B. et al. A review of considerations for restoration of tule elk (Cervus canadensis nannodes) to the San Francisco Peninsula and northern Monterey Bay counties of California. California Fish and Wildlife Journal 108, 62–93 (2022).

4.6  Lanman, Richard B. et al. Road and highway undercrossings as potential critical linkages for California's elk populations. California Fish and Wildlife Journal 108, 158–169 (2022).  

4.7  GCRCD Request for Name Change to North Santa Clara RCD

4,8  How to Access Historical Soil Surveys on the New NRCS Website

4.9  Four More Local Water Agencies Join Agreement to Improve the Health of Rivers and Landscapes

4.10 Notice of Public Hearing West Valley Sanitation District SOI Amendment and Annexation 2022-01 (Linda Vista Avenue) 

4.11 Quarterly Investment Report for Schools and Special Districts for the period ending September 30, 2022 

4.12 EPA Announces Selection of Members to Farm, Ranch, and Rural Communities Federal Advisory Committee

4.13  San Jose Water Company and Santa Clara County FireSafe Council Announce Partnership to Protect Regional Watersheds and Drinking Water Systems

4.14  Notice of Approved Settlement with Lehigh Southwest Cement Company, Santa Clara County  Acceptance of Conditional Resolution and Waiver of Right to Hearing Order No. R2-2022-1017

4.15    Santa Clara County Office of Sustainability; Grant Opportunity for CBOs

4.16 Notice of Proposed Emergency Rulemaking: Prohibited Wasteful Water Uses Emergency Regulation for Water Conservation        Consideration of a proposed Resolution readopting the Prohibited Wasteful Water Uses Emergency Regulation for Water Conservation