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Supporting Documents - May 5, 2022 Board Meeting

Supporting documents for meetings are uploaded as they become available, with all documents scheduled to be posted online 24 hours in advance of the meeting. Please note that there may be occasions when documents are received after that timeframe, particularly those submitted by members of the public. In those cases, the documents will typically be posted as they are received. Agenda items scheduled for oral reports only will typically not be listed here.


Regular Agenda:

3.       Emergency Resolution 

7.1.1   Authorize the Executive Director to execute a partnership agreement with San Jose Water Company to collaborate on watershed restoration and enhancement projects, community outreach, and public education. 

8.3     District Name Change: Update from Executive Director on the required process; discussion and possible action regarding public outreach and proposed timeline.

Consent Agenda:

5.1     Approve minutes for the April 7, 2022 Board Meeting.

5.1     Accept financial reports through March 2022.

5.3     Article by KPIX CBS; Chinook Salmon Found in Los Gatos Creek Could Be Trapped By Drought; dated April 9, 2022.

5.4     Correspondence from the State Water Resources Control Board; Notice of Public Hearing to Consider Adoption of the Revised Tentative Order for the San Francisco Bay Region Municipal Regional Stormwater NPDES Permit; dated April 11, 2022.     

           5.4b  Errata Sheet #2 (Received 5/4/22)

5.5     Correspondence from the State Water Resources Control Board; Notice of Public Solicitation of Water Quality Data and Information for the 2026 California Integrated Report for Clean Water Act Sections 303(d) and 305(b); dated April 18, 2022.   

5.6     Correspondence from the California Water Quality Monitoring Council; Notice of Public Workshop: Making Conservation a California a Way of Life: How forthcoming efficiency standards may impact local wastewater management (Wednesday, May 11, 2022); dated April 22, 2022.

5.7     GCRCD Comment Letter to Valley Water; WY 2021 Draft Mitigation and Monitoring Report; dated April 28, 2022.