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Supporting Documents - April 7, 2022 Board Meeting

Supporting documents for meetings are uploaded as they become available, with all documents scheduled to be posted online 24 hours in advance of the meeting. Please note that there may be occasions when documents are received after that timeframe, particularly those submitted by members of the public. In those cases, the documents will typically be posted as they are received. Agenda items scheduled for oral reports only will typically not be listed here.

WE ARE HAVING SOME TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES WITH OUR WEBSITE. If the document link doesn't open with a single or double click (depending on your mouse settings), try right-clicking it to open in a new tab. If that doesn't work, please use the contact link at the top of the website to contact us and we'll send you the pdf documents via email. Thank you for your patience as we work to troubleshoot this issue.


Regular Agenda:

3.         Emergency Resolution

8.1       Office Relocation: Update from Executive Director on progress and next steps.

Consent Agenda:

5.1a     Approve minutes for the March 3, 2022 Board Meeting.   

5.2       Approve consent agenda for February 4, 2021 (correction of oversight).

5.3       Approve financial reports through February 2022

5.4       Correspondence from the County of Santa Clara Finance Agency; Excess ERAF Distribution update; dated March 10, 2022.

5.1b     Correspondence from San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board; Opportunity to comment: Notice of Proposed Basin Plan Amendment on Climate Change and Aquatic Habitat Protection, Management, and Restoration; dated March 10, 2022.

5.5       Comments to and response to comments from the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, San Francisco Bay Region; Proposed Tentative Order for County of Santa Clara, Oregon.

5.6       Correspondence from California Water Quality Monitoring Council; OPC Releases State Agency Sea-Level Rise Action Plan for California, Public Comment Open; dated March 22, 2022.

5.7       Correspondence from the County of Santa Clara Office of Sustainability; Climate Roadmap 2030: We want to know what you think; dated March 24, 2022.

5.8       Correspondence from California Water Quality Monitoring Council; EPA Releases Final Strategic Plan and Statement on FY2023 Budget; dated March 28, 2022.

5.9       Correspondence from the State Water Quality Control Board; Webinar: Fish Programs – Health Approaches with Tribes and Indigenous Peoples; dated March 29, 2022.

5.10       Correspondence from the State Water Quality Control Board; Notice of Opportunity to Comment, Staff Workshop, Board Workshop & Adoption Meeting – Proposed Statewide Construction Stormwater General Permit Issuance; dated April 1, 2022.

5.11       Correspondence from the County of Santa Clara Finance Agency; Redevelopment Property Tax Trust Fund (RPTTF) June 1, 2022 Distribution Estimate; dated April 1, 2022.