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Questions and Answers - Community Grant Writing Services RFP

If you have a question regarding the RFP, please forward them to us at the email address listed in the RFP, and we will post the answers here:

Question: With regard to the deliverable of a 3-hour online interactive grant training workshop offered also as an on-demand product will I retain ownership of the product but load it onto your website?  Will I be able to use the product in my own business?

  • All products produced through the resulting agreement will become and remain the property of the District. The training video will be available for use in other venues provided that credit is given to the District. The video will likely be loaded onto a YouTube channel, with a link provided on the District's website.

Question: The RFP indicates that technical assistance will be provided to CBOs who have been approved by the Executive Director.  Will the 3-hour online grant training and on-demand video be offered to those CBOs only (eg. accessible via password login) or accessible to the general public?  At a price or free of charge?

  • It is intended that the interactive online grant training will open to local CBOs who have expressed an interest in the program, whether or not they have been approved for grant-writing assistance. There will be no charge to participants. The on-demand video will subsequently be made available to the public free of charge.

Question:  In order to develop an accurate estimate of costs for the project and respond to item 2.F, it would be helpful if I knew approximately how many CBOs will be offered TA, and what % of time would be expected to be spent on each priority: Developing database, outreach to CBOs, grant writing assistance to CBOs, produce training workshop, reporting to RCD & BOD, and providing assistance to RCD in prospecting and grant writing.  Could you please provide a % effort for each of the priorities I’ve listed?

  • This is a new program for the District, and part of the purpose of the RFP is to get feedback from those submitting proposals as to what they believe will be the time needed to perform the listed tasks. It is anticipated that the initial database development (it can be as simple as a spreadsheet) and CBO outreach would be done in the first month of the program, and the majority of the remaining time would be spent on training and assisting the CBOs with grant preparation. 

Question:  Re 2.F:  As you know, the amount of time each grant application takes to prepare and submit can vary widely, depending on whether submissions are to private foundations, community foundations, or government agencies, and how many collaborators/partners will be included in each proposal and whether they will be responsible for developing and delivering their own MOUs, budgets, and scopes of work in an acceptable format with acceptable content.  Trying to estimate a number of grant applications the Consultant could complete without knowing the above information would be impossible, or at the least, inaccurate.  I can easily estimate the number of hours of prep time for each type of proposal but beyond that I will need more information.

  • Since this is a brand-new program, the District does not have historic data to determine the number or types of requests for grant-writing assistance that it may receive. We will be providing the assistance to CBOs who are attempting to build capacity, so we are anticipating that the grant writer will be doing the bulk of the work of putting the CBOs information into an acceptable format with acceptable content. Feel free to simply give an estimate of the number of hours of prep time based on each type of grant.