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Supporting Documents - November 19, 2020 Board Meeting

Environmental Justice

  4.1   Statement of Diversity and Inclusion


  5.1    District Policies

           5.1.1  Bidding

                       Draft Bidding Policy    

                       Draft Resolution Adopting Bidding Policy

           5.1.2  Director Duties and Responsibilities

                       Draft Director Duties and Responsibilities Policy

                       Draft Resolution Adopting Director Duties and Responsibilities Policy

           5.1.3   Financial Policy

                       Draft Financial Policy   

                       Draft Resolution Adopting Financial Policy

           5.1.4   Lactation Accommodation

                       Draft Lactation Accommodation Policy

                       Draft Resolution Adopting Lactation Accommodation Policy

           5.1.6  Volunteer 

                       Draft Volunteer Policy   

                       Draft Resolution Adopting Volunteer Policy

  5.2    Employee Position and Budget Amendments

             Draft Program Manager Job Description  

  5.3    Executive Director Employment Agreement

             2014 Employment Agreement  

  5.4    Independent Special Districts Selection Committee (ISDSC)

             Draft Resolution Appointing the Board Vice-President as the Alternate to ISDSC

             CKH Guide Update 2019