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NSCRCD Board of Directors: Notice of Unscheduled Vacancy

Notice of Unscheduled Vacancy: Director

The North Santa Clara Resource Conservation District (NSCRCD) is seeking candidates to fill an unscheduled vacancy on its Board of Directors due to a mid-term resignation. NSCRCD is an independent special district of the State of California governed by a Board of Directors pursuant to Division 9 of the California Public Resources Code. The five-member volunteer Board provides policy and fiscal direction to the District in support of its mission, which is “to provide education and technical assistance to constituents and watershed stakeholders to sustainably manage soil, water and wildlife with the best available science”.  

To qualify for a Director position, a candidate must be a registered voter in the state, will have a demonstrated interest in soil and water conservation , and shall meet at least one of the following requirements:

  1. reside within the district and either own real property in the district or alternatively have served, pursuant to the district’s rules, for two years or more as an associate director providing advisory or other assistance to the board of directors; or 
  2. be a designated agent of a resident landowner within the district.  

NSCRCD has adopted a Director Duties and Responsibilities Policy. As public officials, Directors also are required to complete ethics and harassment training every two years, and complete a Statement of Economic Interests (FPPC Form 700) at regular intervals, including upon assuming office.  Prior to assuming office, the appointee will be asked to certify that they meet the State-mandated requirements for the position.

The first cut-off for applications is April 29, 2024 @ 7:00 p.m. To apply, please see .  Interviews with candidates are anticipated to be held with the NSCRCD Board of Directors in early May. For more information regarding the District and/or the position, please contact Executive Director Stephanie Moreno at .


The District conducts its business on a non- discriminatory basis, without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, political affiliation or beliefs, sex, age, physical handicap, medical condition, marital status or pregnancy (as those terms are defined by the California Fair Employment and Housing Act -- Government Code Section 12900-12996).  Additionally, the Board has adopted an Environmental and Social Justice Policy to ensure diversity and environmental justice are key components of the District’s strategic planning and programmatic work.