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Community Partnerships and Grants

GCRCD is proud to be a community partner with a variety of regional and local public agencies, nonprofit organizations, and citizen groups.  As part of our commitment to the region, we provide grants to and engage in partnerships with local agencies and community-based organizations to help fund projects and programs that benefit our watersheds and assist our District in meeting its Long Range Plan goals. 


Partnerships differ from Community Grants in that each party typically brings resources to the table to collaborate on or faciliate a specific program or project. Partnership requests are accepted on an on-going basis.

Current and Prior Year Partnerships:

San Jose Community Composting Network: We partnered with Valley Verde and the San Jose Conservation Corps + Charter School to prepare a USDA-NRCS grant application to fund the development of a community composting network, expand food waste collection services, and provide free compost to urban farmers in disadvantaged communities. (2021)

Monarch Butterfly and Pollinator Project: We partnered with Veggielution Community Farm to provide plants (provided to us through a grant with Xerces), volunteers and funding for irrigation that allowed the farm to expand its hedgerows and other pollinator habitat. (2020)

Chinook Salmon Natal Stream Analysis Project:: We partnered with South Bay Clean Creeks Coalition to fund laboratory analysis of the eye lenses and otoliths they collected under the authority of their collection permit with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to identify natal stream. (2020)

Los Gatos Creek Watershed Collaborative: We provided $2,000.00 to the Santa Clara County FireSafe Council to help offset the collaborative's costs to prepare the CalFire Forest Health Grant application. (2020)

Rural Roads Program: We collaborated with USDA-NRCS, the Loma Prieta Resource Conservation District, CALFIRE, the Northern California Society of American Foresters, University of California Cooperative Extension, California Geologic Survey, Santa Clara County Parks, South Santa Clara County Fire District, MidPeninsula Regional Open Space District, San Jose Water Company, and the Santa Clara Valley Water District to host a workshop, conduct a field trip, and provide rural roads technical assistance through a cooperative agreement funded by USDA-NRCS. (2017-2019)

Ranchers' Outreach Program: We collaborated with USDA-NRCS and the Loma Prieta and San Benito Resource Conservation Districts to provide outreach and technical assistance to local ranchers through a cooperative agreement with the USDA-NRCS. (2015-2017)

Community Grants

The FY20-21 Community Grant cycle has closed. Dates for the next grant cycle will be considered during the FY21-22 budget process. Information regarding eligibility and grant requirements can be found by reviewing the Community Grant Program Policy and the Community Grant Application Review rating sheet. Please contact Executive Director Stephanie Moreno if you have any questions regarding the application and/or process.

Match Requirements: GCRCD does not require a match for its community grant program, however, including cash or in-kind match can make your grant more competitive. In-kind can include volunteer hours to implement your proposed program or project (but may not include hours to prepare the grant application). For FY20-21, we are allowing a California volunteer hourly rate up to $31.51, as calculated by .

Community Grant Program Policy

Community Grant Application Review (this is the rating sheet that will be used to score applications)


Our community grant program is intended not just to invest in community-based efforts, but also to help local organizations build capacity. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need additional assistance to complete our grant application.

Current and Prior Year Community Grants:

 FY/$GranteePurpose of Funding
FY21 $5,000.00Friends of Stevens Creek TrailTo provide "bridge funding" to enable completion of design work and permitting expenses towards the removal of a barrier to juvenile steelhead migration on Stevens Creek. 
FY21  $5,000.00Grassroots EcologyTo conduct monthly water quality monitoring at 7 Stevens Creek sites while involving and educating local student volunteers in watershed stewardship; and to share findings with the public locally as well as statewide through the California Environmental Data Exchange Network (CEDEN).
FY21 $2,500.00Los Altos Community Foundation (fiscal sponsor) To purchase one "watershed/nonpoint source model" for use as a watershed education tool during GreenTown's twice yearly community creek clean-ups and other educational events.
FY21 $5,000.00Urban Wildlife Research Project To assist with GPS collaring of gray fox pups to track their movement through urban corridors. Data will allow UWRP to pinpoint the location and number of habitat regions in order to plan for restoration and/or establishment of riparian linkages between distinct habitat regions.
FY18 $5,000.00Farmer Veteran Coalition at Martial Cottle ParkTo build a refrigeration unit for produce. (The Coalition was disbanded prior to implementation.)
FY16 $4,000.00California Native Garden FoundationTo expand service delivery for the Aquaponics School-based Farm Program.
FY16 $8,900.00Campus Community AssociationTo provide in-kind match for the Metcalf Ponds Opportunities & Restraints Report, which evaluated alternatives to improve steelhead trout habitat and passage in the Metcalf Ponds reaches of Coyote Creek by separating the creek from the ponds, revegetating the restored creek with native riparian vegetation, and configuring the channel to optimize its habitat value while preserving the ponds' water management functions.
FY16 $4,000.00UCCE/Santa Clara 4-HTo install an irrigation system for the "From Healthy Productive Soils to Pasture-Raised Lamb Project" at Martial Cottle Park project.
FY16 $8,250.00Working Partnerships USATo provide grant match for the Coyote Creek Invasive Plant Removal and Revegetation Project, which provided the planning basis for a pilot project to restore a riparian vegetative corridor along a 2000' stretch of Coyote Creek in north San Jose.
FY15 $1,000.00Committee for Green FoothillsTo sponsor Coyote Creek Watershed Tour scholarships to enable participation by students and other local residents who would not have been able to participate in the tour without a financial subsidy.
FY15 $3,070.00Hellyer County ParkTo build a new habitat enclosure for a Western Pond turtle housed at Hellyer County Park Visitor Center. (Request withdrawn prior to implementation).
FY15 $5,000.00Pathways for WildlifeTo expand existing research to include bobcat genetics in the assessment of landscape connectivity and to obtain a quantitative measure of the relative isolation associated with habitat fragmentation and disturbance in Coyote Valley.
FY15 $3,000.00Santa Clara County Open Space AuthorityTo reimburse for a portion of the costs for an independent contractor to provide services associated with the design, supervision and installation of a pollinator hedgerow at the Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve. (Project postponed by Grantee.)
FY15 $5,325.00South Bay Clean Creeks CoalitionTo continue essential cleanup work performed by volunteers on the Los Gatos Creek and the Guadalupe River. Funding provided for tools, equipment for public outreach, and grant-writing assistance to secure additional funding.
FY15 $10,000.00Veggielution Community Farm (VCF)To upgrade the farm's irrigation system that is used for approximately 4 acres of row crops and orchard, including approximately 50,000 linear feet of drip line, pressure regulators and other equipment. Agreement Exhibits