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Susan Hare

Position: President
Term: Current term ends November 29, 2024
Appointing Authority: Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors
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Susan Hare was appointed to the District's Board of Directors in December 2020. Ms. Hare's special interests include the urban-wildlife interface, watershed protection and pollution control, and maintaining a healthy environment for all people to live, work, and recreate. She is a volunteer with the University of California Cooperative Extension in Santa Clara County, focusing on science-based education.

A life-long resident of Santa Clara county, Ms. Hare has witnessed agriculture disappear from the central and northern areas of the valley. The composition of native species has altered as well. She recalls dodging thousands of dime-sized frogs each spring as they stretched new legs from their hatching ground in Calabazas creek. "Those frogs are now rare," she says. "Many factors contribute to these changes but the need for prudent resource management has never been greater."

Ms. Hare is employed as a marketing professional in the pest control industry (and licensed Field Representative). She values the importance of IPM (Integrated Pest Management) in protecting the environment while also protecting public health and property. In 2015 she was elected member of the Board of Directors for QualityPro, the national credentialing organization for the pest control industry and currently serves as secretary of the board. She is a graduate of Santa Clara University.